Styles of Caravans Compared

In recent years, the caravan has enjoyed increased popularity among long-distance travel enthusiasts who choose to explore their favorite destinations more conveniently, aboard their own holiday home. There are many styles of caravans you can choose from, based on your specific accommodation needs, preferences, and budget. Also great tools to help you find the right size, type and cost of caravan to acquire, such as a caravan loan calculator. Now let’s compare the different styles of caravans to help you make an informed decision.

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Conventional Caravans and Twin Axle Caravans

A full-bodied caravan with a full height rood and four sturdy walls, the conventional one is arguably the most basic construction in terms of caravans. The majority of these traditional caravans incorporate a single axle and can range from 3 meters up to 6.5 meters long.

Depending on its specific size, the conventional caravan can accommodate between 2 and 6 people, allowing them to experience the comfort of their own home away from home. Featuring several rooms with basic furniture and built-in amenities, as well as good amount of storage space, the traditional style makes a great choice for budget-minded families with up to 6 members.

The twin axle caravan is larger, heavier and longer than the traditional caravan with a single axle. This is why it incorporates two axles, in order to provide optimal stability on the road. Its length is typically up to 10 meters. This caravan features more rooms with additional built-in equipment and plenty of storage space, making it suitable for larger families. The twin axles facilitates towing on the road but at same time affects its manoeuverability especially when returning the caravan to storage or pitching on site.

Pop-Top Caravans and Pop-Out Caravans

A pop-top caravan is similar in style to the traditional one, but typically smaller, with less frontal area. This caravan features a few rooms, including a kitchen area equipped with work surfaces, a hob, a sink, etc and a washroom with built-in toilet, and even a shower and basin.

The pop-top incorporates a lifting roof that provides additional standing headroom in this smaller caravan, enhancing the living space for caravanners. With lighter weight and a roof popping up and down, the pop-top caravan boasts several other advantages, including easier storage in a typical height garage, improved fuel consumption in the tow vehicle and reduced wind resistance on highways and freeways.

The pop-out caravan shares the features of the pop-top one but also provides extra space for additional beds thanks to its pop-out portions on the end of the caravan. This style is especially suitable for larger groups or families that need extra beds yet without compromising the living space.

Tent Trailers and Camper Trailers

Boasting plenty of living space and basic built-in amenities (AC, fridge, hot water, shower etc) the tent trailer is a popular choice with people who want to experience the comfort, convenience and other benefits of owning a caravan for less. The fold-down is quite simple but stylish and comes in different lengths for you to choose from, depending on your specific needs. Tent trailers can be towed by almost any vehicle, including small cars. They are great for families with small kids, thanks to their impressive space.

Especially popular in Australia, the camper trailer is sturdier than the tent trailer, featuring furnished amenities, extendable tent berths at its ends and a lifting roof. Despite its rather small size, the camper trailer incorporates off-road suspension, large water tanks and batteries for electricity. It is more affordable than other types of caravans, easy to tow with almost any vehicle and offers quite the same level of comfort as larger caravans for a lower price.

Fifth-Wheelers and Motorhomes

Boasting a huge amount of living space ( some incorporating even slide-out sections for extra space), the fifth-wheeler is particularly suitable for large groups or families. This incredibly large caravan typically requires a pickup truck or any other large vehicle to tow it and is obviously more expensive than other styles of caravans. You will also need to check with the campsite prior to embarking on your journey, because some campsites do not accept these caravans.

The motorhome is 2 in 1 – your car and your home, offering home-like comfort during long trips. This style requires minimal set-up and features all furniture and built-in amenities you may need ( kitchen area, fold-out dining set, washroom etc) for a distinctively rewarding, convenient and comfortable journey.

With multiple styles of caravans available in the market, it’s important to take into consideration several factors (e.g. your family/group size and needs, the distance and duration of your trip, the size of your car, your budget etc.), when looking to buy a caravan. All of them come with built-in equipment, furniture and storage space, but those that offer basic accommodation are a more budget-friendly option for smaller families/groups. If you need a larger caravan but cannot afford a new one, then you can also consider purchasing a top-quality, mechanically tested used caravan at a significantly more affordable cost, regardless of the style you choose.