A summer party, right on the money

Summer campMay 25–Ask Ted Allen what celebrities do when they throw a party, and he’ll ‘fess up right away that they leave the expensive stuff at the restaurant.

In what’s likely to be known as The Summer of Our Gas Discontent, Allen and other gurus of good living say a little nip and tuck to your entertaining plans can make even the most stringent budget turn into a good time.

After all, if impoverished misery loves company, what better excuse can there be for having a party?

“There are certainly lots of things you can do to have a great time on a budget,” says Allen, a regular judge on Iron Chef America and a lead personality on Bravo’s Top Chef. “For instance, foods that a lot of chefs cook at home are not the most expensive cuts. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time.”

Mix-n-match freebies

If we’re honest, much of our time with friends is simply spent sitting around, chewing the fat. In an ideal world, that might be done in some far-off locale, but this year we’ll use our back porches and yards to imagine faraway places.

Not going to the beach?

Grab those beach chairs, umbrellas and mats and set up a luau in the back yard… unless you can convince your neighbor who has a pool to get in on the act and offer up his own private Waikiki.

Can’t afford to drive to the lake for camping, as you might ordinarily do?

Who says you can’t camp in your own private wilderness preserve, also known as The Back Yard. A small, portable grill can be had for $19; toss in a $4 bag of charcoal, and you’ve got your campfire. Set your tents around it, pack the best camping cooler with your regular camping fare, and you and your friends have replicated the great outdoors without leaving home.


Weekend fishing in USA

Weekend fishingFishing is a healthy and relaxing activity for the weekend or holidays, you can enjoy the time you spend with your significant people, and enjoy the achievement afterwards. This is something you can do with your entire family, even your grandparents, your significant other, or your little kids. Going fishing will give you plenty of time bonding with your family and be close to and immerse yourself in Mother Nature. So, let’s get ready, pack up your fishing gear, food, water, fishing ice chest (the best ice chest will keep your fishes fresh longer) and fishing coolers (fishing can be really smelly: the fish smell, the bait smells… but at least keep everything fresh because you want eat to enjoy the fish you get) and let’s go!

Places to go fishing in America

One important thing you should know is that, beach fishing isn’t for beginners! If you are a newbie and want to try this out, let’s start basic.

  • Tarpon-Boca Grande, Florida: There is nowhere else you can catch such big species as you can here, especially these 230-pound tarpons.
  • Sheefish-Selawik Valley, Alaska: These big 60-pound sheefish can be caught almost year-round, especially summer.
  • Largemouth Bass-Castaic Lake, California: This place offers the biggest largies that weigh up to 20 pounds.
  • Red Drum-Pamlico Sound, North Carolina: In here, red drums fall into the 30-60 pound range, which is really impressive for its species.
  • Muskie-Lake St. Clair, Michigan: Muskie here can weigh over 30 pounds and are close to 50 inches in length.


Open Fire Cooking

fire-foodIf you are going to camp you should care in advance about meals you are going to have during camping trip. Many tasty meals can be prepared even if you are not on a comfortable kitchen with all the modern appliances. Choose the recopies to your taste and enjoy the most delicious dishes that can be prepared in the open fire.

Here are some tips for you how to do it. What is necessary for that?

First of all, the supply of wood is needed. Firewood is something there is much of in such a place as forest, wood and any other place you are going to camp. Find the secure place for fireplace. You shoul d know that fresh branches is not the best alternative. This is certainly best to buy the forewood and it is often sold at camping grounds. The matter is that firewood should be seasoned. Home supply stores can sell such items too.

If you are having rest in a campground, the campsite will almost certainly comprise a fire circle, pit, or in ground grill where campers can make a fire for cooking purpose. If certain area does not have a place for a campfire, make sure that it is allowed to do it. If it is then exercise vigilance and follow the instructions that the owner of the land left for you.


Everything about camping in China

camp-300x209Firstly, all China visitors should receive the visa before arrival to the country. Visas protrude in the Chinese embassies and consulates, and also in some departments of the Chinese international travel service (CITS) and the Chinese travel service (CTS). You can receive it in the shortest terms at CITS and CTS offices in Hong Kong and Macao. Rules become less severe: there have already appeared some three-monthly and repeated guest visas prolonged on demand in Committee of public safety of China.

For the most part travelers arrive to the international airports of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, located not vary far from cities. The Hong Kong Kaj-so airport is located in city boundaries, and the new airport on Lantau island is connected with a city road and a tunnel. The international airport of Macao has opened in 1997.

You must obtain the special permit for camping tourism in China. Travelers who place tent in the attracted place, quickly become “visitors” in committee of public safety.


Egypt: Sinai – Ras Mohammed National Park

map_rasMohamed_big-300x162It is opened daily.

Business hours: from 8:00 till 17:00.

Entrance fee:

5$ for a man plus 5$ for a vehicle driving on the park’s territory.

Ras Mohammed National Park is located approximately in 20 km to the west from Sharm-el-Sheikh, on road from Al Tor.

Many years ago local fishermen gave a name to this national park. It was formed because one of park hills reminds a men’s profile. The water washing a peninsula is reasonably considered as a pearl of Red sea.

Regularly more than 50 000 persons, attracted by one of the most beautiful coral reeve’s ecosystems in the world, visit Races Mohammed. Besides corals you can find practically all fauna kinds living in Red sea. You can see there more than 1 000 fish’s kinds, among which there are such celebrities as fish-sword and a whale shark.


The history of an autocamper

AutocamperAutomobile camper gives an absolute freedom to its owner in a choice of a route and rest time. It is no wonder that for a few decades mobile houses have been used everywhere: for creation of comfortable family rest, for the camping’s organization and for arrangement of tourist bases, rest houses and sanatoria.

The boom of automobile tourism has begun in Europe in the mid-sixties. It has been caused by technical progress in camper’s creation. The first automobile houses were made of simple and cheap technologies. Initially, the mobile house represented the small-sized trailer of the roundish form moving on one wheel’s pair.

Outwardly such autohouse reminded a huge snail, rather than vehicle. Such miniature autohouses with tiny windows and modest internal equipment gradually mastered the basic tourist highways.


3 elite camping for privileged travelers

lemarti_01-300x220Laikipia, Lemarti’s Camp

Camping Lemart is the excellent place for a stop after safari along grasping spirit Kenya Laikipia Northern Plateau, one of the last borders between virgin wild district and the house of majestic people Samburu. While the land belongs to local community Samburu, the camping has been constructed and controlled by local Samburu guide Loyapan Lemarti and his wife, the Kenyan fashion designer, Anna Trzebinski. This improbable duet has formed on a safari – he was her guide – and later they have got married. Their camp of dream has appeared in an oasis under cover of centenary fig and palm trees grove. From five elegant tents with bathrooms you can take pleasure in wonderful heavenly views.


Exotic Camping with Jungle Trekking in Malaysia

Malaysia-300x200A land of stunning views and prehistoric rainforests, Malaysia provides limitless chances for a trekker. The wilderness of the its national parks and nature reserves give an opportunity to feel the magnetism of nature.

Trekking through the jungles in Malaysia provides a rich and satisfying experience.

Seasoned trekkers can refuse from the painstaking 7-day trek to the top of Gunung Tahan in Taman Negara. Beginners may practice at FRIM, standing for Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysia Agriculture Park at Taman Bukit Cahaya in Shah Alam, Selangor or Air Keroh Recreational Forest in Malacca.