3 elite camping for privileged travelers

lemarti_01-300x220Laikipia, Lemarti’s Camp

Camping Lemart is the excellent place for a stop after safari along grasping spirit Kenya Laikipia Northern Plateau, one of the last borders between virgin wild district and the house of majestic people Samburu. While the land belongs to local community Samburu, the camping has been constructed and controlled by local Samburu guide Loyapan Lemarti and his wife, the Kenyan fashion designer, Anna Trzebinski. This improbable duet has formed on a safari – he was her guide – and later they have got married. Their camp of dream has appeared in an oasis under cover of centenary fig and palm trees grove. From five elegant tents with bathrooms you can take pleasure in wonderful heavenly views.

Uniqueness of staying in Lemarti camping is a participation in a surprising safari (“Rites of Passage”), prepared by Lemarti. For today it is the most unprecedented adventure in East Africa. There are no vehicles or armed security guards. Visitors go to wild district only with Samburu soldiers, armed with their traditional weapon, their acute senses and the knowledge which has been saved up by generations. They will tell you about tracks, dip you into the surprising wild nature, show you a reality.

Reserve Lewa, Sirikoi camping

sirikoi_05Sirikoi camping consists of four luxury tents which have been developed and constructed by Willy and Sue Roberts which have been engaged the VIP safari across all East Africa for more than 30 years already. There is a view on watering place of wild animals from verandah, a drawing room with a fireplace and an elegant bathroom with the Victorian bathroom and a shower in each of these four spacious rooms. Two new luxury tents have been constructed recently; they also have an exclusive view on a watering place. There is an elegant dining room with the reed roof, an open place for fire and an open deck with the magnificent review in a camping. Excellently planned 18 meter pool is an excellent place for supervision over animals and birds. The lonely 2 room small house made of tree, straw and stone, with a huge deck, is located in private camping territory near with boggy district, where elephants and buffalo are constant visitors. Also there is 6 meter shelter for supervision over animals, declines and stars in camping territory.

Masai Mara, Richard camping

richards_23Richard camping is under property and control of Richard Roberts and Liz Fusco. They have son Willoughby who was born in Masai Mara in 2006. Richard has been living in Masai Mara since three-year age, and his parents, Willy and Sue, took active part in the founding of Masai Mara reserve which nowadays is known worldwide. The first class Masai and Samburu guides of Richard camping possess rich and profound knowledge of Masai Mara, its wild animals and people. The benevolent and hospitable camping personnel will make staying here really unforgettable for visitors.