Everything about camping in China

camp-300x209Firstly, all China visitors should receive the visa before arrival to the country. Visas protrude in the Chinese embassies and consulates, and also in some departments of the Chinese international travel service (CITS) and the Chinese travel service (CTS). You can receive it in the shortest terms at CITS and CTS offices in Hong Kong and Macao. Rules become less severe: there have already appeared some three-monthly and repeated guest visas prolonged on demand in Committee of public safety of China.

For the most part travelers arrive to the international airports of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, located not vary far from cities. The Hong Kong Kaj-so airport is located in city boundaries, and the new airport on Lantau island is connected with a city road and a tunnel. The international airport of Macao has opened in 1997.

You must obtain the special permit for camping tourism in China. Travelers who place tent in the attracted place, quickly become “visitors” in committee of public safety.

Nam_Co_LakeIn the Inner Mongolia, Tibet and Kinhaj areas it is possible to take tents for rent and take places in any attracted place. In China places of the Mongolian and Kazakh people residing are considered as official camping sites. These inhabitants give tents for everyone who wants to spend night here. In monasteries territory there are so-called “pilgrims shelters”. They are rather cheap; therefore empty seats are quickly engaged.

In the south of the country climate is tropical, it is warmly within all year (summer is often very hot and damp). In the north there is a dry heat in the summer, and frosts in the winter; the short spring and autumn differ with clear and solar weather. In coastal areas climate is more moderate, but seasons are windy and rainy. Westwards at mountains and plateaus it is very coldly.

In the recent past criminality in China including a crime against foreigners, did not make any problems. Government takes severe measures against the gangs hunting on railway passengers. Pocket thefts, small larceny and street robberies have become frequent, but you can avoid them, observing reasonable and elementary care. City streets are quiet and safe at night. The circumspect tourist hardly probable can become a victim of a crime in China.