Open Fire Cooking

fire-foodIf you are going to camp you should care in advance about meals you are going to have during camping trip. Many tasty meals can be prepared even if you are not on a comfortable kitchen with all the modern appliances. Choose the recopies to your taste and enjoy the most delicious dishes that can be prepared in the open fire.

Here are some tips for you how to do it. What is necessary for that?

First of all, the supply of wood is needed. Firewood is something there is much of in such a place as forest, wood and any other place you are going to camp. Find the secure place for fireplace. You shoul d know that fresh branches is not the best alternative. This is certainly best to buy the forewood and it is often sold at camping grounds. The matter is that firewood should be seasoned. Home supply stores can sell such items too.

If you are having rest in a campground, the campsite will almost certainly comprise a fire circle, pit, or in ground grill where campers can make a fire for cooking purpose. If certain area does not have a place for a campfire, make sure that it is allowed to do it. If it is then exercise vigilance and follow the instructions that the owner of the land left for you.

Pay attention to the weather conditions prior to your decision to cook a meal above an open fire. In case it windy it can be better to wait for wind to stop. In case it is breezy, it can be hard to sustain the fire long enough to prepare meals. Moreover, windy conditions contribute to hazard to open fire cooking, because sparks can cause the fire if flammable objects are beside it.

Campfire Cooking Equipment

You will need special equipment for cooking over a campfire but the choice of equipment will depend on the type meals you are going to prepare. A tripod is needed and a hook  to make a cooking stew, soup, baked beans, or some dish in a Dutch oven, which you will hang over the fire. You will need a long handled spoon for stirring as it is simmering and to serve food when it is ready.

If you want to prepare something in a frying pan, though, a tripod will not be beneficial. Instead, you will need some type of cooking grate that you can place over the fire. It’s normally best to choose a cooking grate that can be adjusted to control the proximity of food is to the fire. When the grate is set, you can put the pan on it and meals will be prepared this way. Long handled spatula will be required from you or a pair of tongs for flipping food during its preparation.

When you cook hot dogs, smoked sausage, marshmallows over the open fire, a long handled fork will be needed to remain safe and not be damaged by fire.