Egypt: Sinai – Ras Mohammed National Park

map_rasMohamed_big-300x162It is opened daily.

Business hours: from 8:00 till 17:00.

Entrance fee:

5$ for a man plus 5$ for a vehicle driving on the park’s territory.

Ras Mohammed National Park is located approximately in 20 km to the west from Sharm-el-Sheikh, on road from Al Tor.

Many years ago local fishermen gave a name to this national park. It was formed because one of park hills reminds a men’s profile. The water washing a peninsula is reasonably considered as a pearl of Red sea.

Regularly more than 50 000 persons, attracted by one of the most beautiful coral reeve’s ecosystems in the world, visit Races Mohammed. Besides corals you can find practically all fauna kinds living in Red sea. You can see there more than 1 000 fish’s kinds, among which there are such celebrities as fish-sword and a whale shark.

If you have bought the guidebook, most likely you will see noted routes in it. Each route is designated by certain color.

Ras_Mohammed2The pink footpath will lead you to Khashaba Beach and camping sites; the yellow will lead to a sandy beach and smooth Marsa Bareika harbor (the excellent place for swimming with a mask, safe for kids); the blue track will deduce you to Main Beach, which is very populous (especially in the afternoon when there are a lot of tourists), but despite it, here you can take pleasure in view on coral vertical walls (huge vertical reeves). The brown track will lead you to Aqaba Beach which borders with Eel Garden, named so because of unimaginable quantity of sea eels swimming on a depth of 20 meters. The orange track will lead you to a place with romantic name Shark Observatory where you can see sharks. The red track will deduce you to Yolanda Bay – a fine place for snorkeling; and the track noted by the green color will lead to a mango grove Hidden Bay and Old Quay where it is possible to swim for a while with a mask being encircled by hundreds of multi-colored fishes.

The camping in park territory is resolved, if you will buy a special ticket on the central entrance. It costs 5$. If you have decided to remain for the night in desert, don’t forget to take care of the equipment. By the way, if this adventurous idea has come to you already in Egypt – the nearest shop having on sale all necessary for camping is in the Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Remember that despite a hot climate nights in desert can be very cold, even in July. Warm sleeping bags will not be unnecessary!

Rules of parking are supervised by special branch of rangers and if you will behave yourself badly punishment can be so severe that you can be simply deported from the country.