The history of an autocamper

AutocamperAutomobile camper gives an absolute freedom to its owner in a choice of a route and rest time. It is no wonder that for a few decades mobile houses have been used everywhere: for creation of comfortable family rest, for the camping’s organization and for arrangement of tourist bases, rest houses and sanatoria.

The boom of automobile tourism has begun in Europe in the mid-sixties. It has been caused by technical progress in camper’s creation. The first automobile houses were made of simple and cheap technologies. Initially, the mobile house represented the small-sized trailer of the roundish form moving on one wheel’s pair.

Outwardly such autohouse reminded a huge snail, rather than vehicle. Such miniature autohouses with tiny windows and modest internal equipment gradually mastered the basic tourist highways.

Later there has appeared another, more perfect scheme of the autohouses designing. It assumed body’s (of course, with all corresponding stuff) installation on the chassis from known automobile manufacturers, such as Fiat, Ford, Mersedes-Benz, Volvo, Citroen and others.

Today camper’s manufacturers can satisfy the demand of even the most tempted consumer. So, German firm “Tobs mobilheimbaum” produces mobile houses of any form: extended, square or “L”-formed (when near to camper there is a cozy internal court yard). The English manufacturer “Willerby” offers campers with reliable glass walls or the real bay windows.

The German manufacturer “De Bergjes” usually uses wood for furnish of external camper’s walls. In this case wood is exposed to special roasting, becoming strong and water-pushing. “Carthago” firm specializes on manufacturing of elite mobile houses. Campers of a premium-class are created by innovative elaborations and are equipped with perfect modern technique.

So, for example, in every “Carthago” camper there is established a system of heating which provides uninterrupted warm water entering at any time of the year. “Solifer” factory is one of the most popular firms-manufacturers of caravans. It is located in the north of Europe. “Solifer” is engaged mainly in caravan’s assemblage. Camper’s accessories are received from the various European countries.